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Uses of Different Types Of Dyes


Dyes and pigments enhance the appearance of fabrics. The history of fabric coloring is quite old. Centuries ago different civilizations were using vegetable dyes to color fabrics. Excavations in different parts of the world discovered dye-yielding plants and colored fabrics.


In the beginning of the 20th century, synthetic dyes were introduced. Though the dyes were used mainly for therapeutic purpose in the beginning, later they were restricted for fabric dying only.


Textile dyes can be classified broadly into the following categories:

  • Direct dyes
  • Disperse dyes
  • Acid dyes
  • Basic dyes
  • Reactive dyes
  • Vat dyes
  • Optical dyes
  • Oxidation dyes
  • Solvent dyes


All these types fall into any of the three categories; dyes for cellulose fiber, dyes for protein fiber, and dyes for synthetic fiber.


Usage of dyes

Dyes are predominantly used in the fabric industry, but it is not the only application. They are widely used in several other areas.

  • Construction Industry: Many exciting effects have been developed by mixing cement and dyes in different proportions. It enhances the appearance and beauty of the concrete. The dyes or pigments used in the cement industry are non-toxic, and they don’t fade easily. The dyes marginally increase the cost.
  • Heat Transfer Printing: In the heat transferring process, the dyes are used for carrying out the printing operation. The contact heat method or sublimation causes neat and clean, well-defined pictures. Disperse and basic dyes are popularly used in this process.
  • Packaging Sector: There has been a great demand for dyestuffs in the packaging sector in the last decade. The sector emphasizes on high color strength and affordable pricing. Direct dyes are preferred over other types.
  • Concrete Industry: Concrete dyes can achieve quite vibrant shades than one can imagine. They are water and solvent-based dyes available in a wide range of colors. Water-based colors are softer and solvent-based colors are vibrant.
  • Medicine: Dyes are widely used in medicine and treatment. In fluorescein angiography, for example, a dye is injected into a vein in the arm. It reaches the blood vessels inside the eye within a few minutes. A special camera is used for taking photographs of the inner structure. The problems or abnormalities get highlighted due to the dye.

Thus, dyes are used for several usages other than making the products attractive. Therefore, the dyeing industry gains an immense importance in the modern era.


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